Shopping Cart Toys For Groceries 20 Pieces (Local Delivery USA Only)

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Local Delivery USA Only

Go Grocery Shopping!
Kids can finally do their own grocery shopping with this colorful shopping cart toys set!
It features 20 pieces of pretend food, fruits, vegetables and dairy items for a complete shopping experience. Easy to assemble, this shopping cart can be wheeled around by kids as they play buy-and-sell with friends and family at home, or in the grocery store as they imitate their mom.
Helping children identify and properly name various vegetables, fruits and snacks as they play, this play set increases their knowledge while nurturing their imagination and creativity. Made from non-toxic and durable plastic, each piece is easy to grip with rounded edges, providing optimum safety for kids.
20 Food Pieces
Realistic Detailing
Conveniently Sized Basket
High-Quality & Durable ABS
Non-Toxic and Child-Safe
Easy To Assemble & Store