Surprise Box Ocean Sea Animal Toys Dig Kits

SKU: ELTMIX2100824

🐚SEASHELL IN THE PLASTER BLOCK: It is very interesting to dig out all the seashells and use them to DIY special crafts. A great kit for improving child's hand on activity in modern society when kids are dominated by cell phones and other electronic products.

🐚EASY DIGGING-Place the dig brick on the table. Use the pointed end of the chisel to chip the clay away. If the digging brick is too hard, try softening it by adding some water. Just pour a little onto the brick and let it soak in. As you remove pieces of the brick, use the brush to sweep dust off the seashell inside. After you have chipped away all the clay, brush off the sea shell and rinse it with clean water. Find the picture of your seashell in this guide--and read the fun facts about it!

🐚Recommended Age: 3+years old
Material: Silica gel
Packing Size: 27*23*7cm