3-In-1 Scooter For Kids (Local Delivery USA Only)

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SKU: X002JH184F


Local Delivery USA Only

Scoot in Style!
This 3-in-1 scooter presents a new and exciting way of getting around! With a dashing rainbow-lit triple wheel base, this children????s scooter combines stability with style for a well-balanced ride.
The seat can either be used in the sitting position or folded up in the standing position. As children grow, removing the seat is super easy, and together with the changes on the adjustable handle bar????s height, it becomes a fully functional toddler scooter.
Swift and stable, the compact aluminum build with great control and maneuverability also builds children????s confidence and agility. When it????s time to get going, the scooter folds up into a convenient size perfect for trips to the park or playground.
Encourages Fun Exercise
Swift and Smooth Maneuverability
Foldable & Removable Seat
Adjustable Handle Bar
Compact & Convenient Size
Study and Durable Aluminum Build