S70 Pro 4K Dual Camera Flagship RC Drone

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Style: 4K Singel Camera (with one battery)
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-With a folding arm, it is small and easy to carry.
-Height hold mode function can provide stable flight.
-With the wifi function, you can connect to APP, Android/ios system to take photos and videos, and transmit them in real-time through mobile phone images.
-With a key return function, you can easily find the way home.
-2.4 GHz technology is used for anti-interference.
-4 channels can make ascending, descending, forward, backward, left, right flying, and rolling 360°.
-6 axis rotation, can make the flight more stable and easy to control.
-The fuselage of the quadcopter is made of high-strength and tough engineering plastics, which are lightweight and durable.

Fixed height function, foldable aircraft, six passes with gyroscope;
One key to take off, one key to land, rise, and fall, forward and backward, fly left and right, turn;
Headless mode, gesture photo, video, headless mode, emergency Stop, trajectory flight, gravity sensor, automatic photo;

Item No.: S70PRO (S60 upgrade)
Frequency: 2.4G
Channel: 4ch
Gyroscope: 6 axis
Aircraft battery: 3.7V 600mAh lithium ion battery (included)
Controller battery: 3x1.5 AA battery (not included)
Charging time: 40minutes
Flight time: 10 minutes
Remote control distance: 100 M (the specific flying distance will vary due to environmental influences)
Camera: 500W, 4K (optional)
Folded size: 12.5*8*5cm
Extended size: 25*24*5cm
Packing size: 21*17*6 (including handbag)
Package weight: 360g (including handbag)

Warranty Period Parts/products can be reissued if the product is damaged within 1 month of the receipt of the goods.
*We are not responsible for man-made damage. But you can purchase parts separately/purchase a new product with 40% off!
Safety Certificate We have complete certificates, including battery and machine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
S70 Pro 4K Dual Camera Flagship RC Drone

This is a great drone for the price. I am able to fly long distances and for a long duration. People were amazed on the fly time. This has ended up in trees and marsh lands due to pilot error and the weather. Only problem is parts. But other then that love this drone

S70 Pro 4K Dual Camera Flagship RC Drone

My brother never has a drone before but I know he is watching all the drone videos. First, I gotta be honest, that I'm limited in budget and can't spend $1000 on a well-known brand. This was in my price range and more importantly, it shoots 4K video too. The drone was easy to set up, it took my brother and me about 10 mins. The flight time was impressive,Moreover, it is stable when hovering. The 4K videos are decent but I wish they have gimble for better stabilization. There are lots of smart features like follow-me and auto return. In the end, it is a decent beginner drone.

S70 Pro 4K Dual Camera Flagship RC Drone

My daughter took responsibility for getting the drone to work. She read the manual but a YouTube video taught her what to do. We have a 5 acre property and the drone roamed above and took some excellent videos. The return to home feature is outstanding because the drone came back and descended to where it had taken off. The drone is an outstanding value.

S70 Pro 4K Dual Camera Flagship RC Drone

I have played with some of my friends' fanny drones before. I bought this one as my first drone to practice before I get serious about it. It's easy to control and the auto return function is reallyyy nice to have for beginners. Overall, I am happy with it!!!!

S70 Pro 4K Dual Camera Flagship RC Drone

This is the best first time drone for the money and features. I wanted a drone that was easy to use yet advance enough to take the beating a first time user would give it. The picture tell my story. She has took a licking and still ticking!

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