S62 Drone 4K Dual Control Camera Quadcopter

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Color: Black
Style: Standard(no camera)
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Material: ABS plastic and electronic components
Color: black/gray white
Version: no camera, including 4K camera 
Gyroscope: 6 axis
Frequency: 2.4G
Channel: 4CH
Battery: 3 lithium battery , 7V 1000MAH
Transmitter mode: Mode 2 (left throttle)
Flight time: about 15-18 minutes
Charging time: 60 minutes
RC distance: 150m
Resolution: 1080P 4K
Camera angle: 90°
Quadcopter size: 27x22, 5x5cm (expanded)

-Folding arms, compact and easy to carry.
-Height hold mode function, stable flight.
-In headless mode, there is no need to adjust the position of the aircraft before flying.
-500W pixel / 4K pixel HD Camera Surprisingly, it can capture stunning images and videos from the sky.
-With the WiFi function, you can connect to APP, APK system, and take photos, videos, and real-time streaming via phone camera image.
2.4GHz anti-interference technology.
-4 channels of the climb, descent, forward, reverse, fly left, fly right, and 360° roll.
-Six-axis gyroscope, the flight is more stable and the control is more convenient.
-LED lights make flying more spectacular, especially in the dark.
-With wing protective cover

🛩️Packing list:
1*remote control
1*3.7V 1000MAH battery
1*USB charging cable
4*replacement blades
4*protection covers

Warranty Period Parts/products can be reissued if the product is damaged within 1 month of the receipt of the goods.
*We are not responsible for man-made damage. But you can purchase parts separately/purchase a new product with 40% off!
Safety Certificate We have complete certificates, including battery and machine.

Customer Reviews

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S62 Drone 4K Dual Control Camera Quadcopter

First of all, this drone is a very nice looking drone; it is made from high-quality plastic and has a premium feel. It very much looks like how a modern consumer drone should look, it has an elegant foldable structure, It’s not a very heavy drone, As it is a foldable drone, this Drone is a suitable drone to travel around with, and its compact design makes it easy to carry around.It is a GPS enabled drone. This provides it with a lot more features, including the ability to track it accurately on the drone app, which will minimize the risks of losing the drone. The GPS also allows me to fly the drone autonomously through its smart (or intelligent) flight modes.The drone also has an optical flow sensor that will allow me to operate it in areas where the GPS signal may not be robust. So, I can fly this drone indoors, although, as it is a medium-sized drone, the area would have to be quite large and spacious to fly it properly.The drone also comes with brushless motors which are more powerful and efficient than brushed motors. Brushless motors allow the drone to fly more smoothly and provide the drone with more speed. They also last longer and require less maintenance. However, I would advise you to clean them regularly to keep them in optimal conditions.The controller remains the same.

S62 Drone 4K Dual Control Camera Quadcopter

Flys great for about few days. have a wonderful experience

S62 Drone 4K Dual Control Camera Quadcopter

Love the ease of flying.I bought two batteries as backup cause i need to take this drone go climb, and, it's useful, i took many beatiful pics by this drones, thank you dear Ealingkids.

S62 Drone 4K Dual Control Camera Quadcopter

This is a really great drone for the price. The photos and videos are great quality! It's simple to figure out how to operate and overall I'm very happy with the purchase and flight time it has. I'd defiantly recommend buying this drone to my friends.

S62 Drone 4K Dual Control Camera Quadcopter

Looks great seems very easy to fly can with 1 batteries great drone for the price

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