S18 Drone 5G Wifi GPS HD Dual Camera

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Size: 4K Single Camera
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-Camera Parameters: 8K ESC camera (dual camera switch)
-Maximum Speed: 30 km/h
-Remote Control Battery: USB smart charging
-Remote Control Signal: 5G wifi HD signal
-Flying Distance: About 1000 meters
-Flight Duration: About 25 minutes
-Charging Time: 3 hours
🛩️Product functions:
-Ascent/descent, forward/backward, left/right, throwable, rollable/headless mode/fast/slow gear switch/one-key return/fast rotation/one-key take-off/one-key landing/optical flow setting High/GPS positioning.
-Smart & Fun: Follow Me Mode free your hands, while the drone automatically follows you, simultaneously capturing all the videos & photos. Besides, the S18 drone will fly as you want once Customize Flight Path function is activated.

Customer Reviews

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S18 Drone 5G Wifi GPS HD Dual Camera

It is a perfect drone for beginners, it is quite small and easy to take anywhere thanks to its beautiful and robust case. It comes with spare propellers, it is quite reliable and atomic. record in HD and communicate through wifi

S18 Drone 5G Wifi GPS HD Dual Camera

Was looking for a fairly priced drone for my nephew and i found it, The drone is amazing for the money. The camera quality is absolutely insane for the price. Also the flight time is really good you get 1 batteries, and we also purchased another extra battery so when one is done you can just swap in another one and get right back to it. If your looking for a great drone for yourself or a family member or friend don't be hesitant this is the drone your going to want.

S18 Drone 5G Wifi GPS HD Dual Camera

Such a nice drone for a begginer, easy to set up with your phone and the camera has a good quality. The drone is super light and the case is super easy to store and carry around. It has a good flying time with the full charged battery. It’s really nice to learn how to fly a drone and play with the camera.

S18 Drone 5G Wifi GPS HD Dual Camera

I loved this drone. It was easy to fly right out of the box and the learning curve was very fast. I mainly practiced with it indoors in an apartment which can be rough on drones but this model is super steady and very responsive without being overly responsive. I bought other drones that you couldn't fly indoors because they were too touchy but this one was perfect. The pictures are great and the video terrific. This is definitely worth the money. Overall, a great drone at a great price.

S18 Drone 5G Wifi GPS HD Dual Camera

The S18 Drone was my first attempt flying drone. What a fun experience! It was perfect for a beginner & fairly easy to learn! The camera takes beautiful pictures. My first flight I was so busy keeping an eye on the drone I fogot to take any pictures. It as been a thrill to fly every time. A very worthwhile investment for a beginner. I'm very happy with my purchase so far. I have bumped in to a few things & only scuffed up the blades some. Nothing serious has happened to it! It is pretty durable for minor mishaps. I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning how to operate a drone!

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