S106 HD GPS FPV Brushless Smart Follow Quadcopter Drone

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Color: Black
Style: Brushless(1*battery)
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🛩️Motor: Brushless GPS optical flow positioning hover/GPS optical flow positioning hover
🛎️Charging time: Brushless GPS optical flow about 100 minutes; GPS optical flow about 60-80 minutes
🛩️Flight time: about 20-30 minutes
🛎️Remote control distance: about 200M (outdoor unobstructed, depending on the environment and mobile devices)
🛩️Image transmission distance: about 200-250 meters
🛎️Battery capacity: 3.7V2500mAH battery module
🛩️Remote control battery: 3*1.5V AAA (not included)
-Brushless GPS optical flow drones are more high-definition than GPS optical flow drones camera, with better motors, more durable batteries, better wind resistance.
-Regular GPS optical flow drones come with Wing protective cover, while Brushless Drones do not have.
-5G image transmission with a built-in 5G frequency conversion module, even if you fly far, you can receive pictures and videos stably and quickly.
-One gesture can be used for photography/video recording.
-360° omnidirectional surround sound. Choose a point and the drone will fly around that point.
-GPS optical flow positioning. Calculate the bottom sensor horizontally to achieve stable positioning.
-Both the cold light body and the axle arm are equipped with bright LED lights, which can easily recognize the flight at night
-Emergency one-button emergency stop, to ensure safety and low loss.
-Electric WIFI aerial camera: 8K front lens (75° electric adjustment) + bottom optical flow lens, intelligent follow-up, Fly around the point, double-fold (fan blades, wings), APP mobile phone control, custom route, one-key return, ascend and descend, forward and backward, left and right side flying, headless mode, automatic switching optical flow/GPS.
Warranty Period Parts/products can be reissued if the product is damaged within 1 month of the receipt of the goods.
*We are not responsible for man-made damage. But you can purchase parts separately/purchase a new product with 40% off!
Safety Certificate We have complete certificates, including battery and machine.

Customer Reviews

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S106 HD GPS FPV Brushless Smart Follow Quadcopter Drone

Only took a few minutes to get the hang of this drone. Very easy to fly and has nice emergency landing feature. One batteries included with good life on each. I'd say around 20+ minutes of flying on and off. The drone is mainly plastic parts and I can see something breaking on it if not careful. Comes with extra blades. I haven't used the app at all. I just like flying with the remote.

S106 HD GPS FPV Brushless Smart Follow Quadcopter Drone

One batteries included. Lasts about 8 minutes a battery with camera on. Used four times a week.It has fallen in a pond, due to me. Removed from water. Removed battery for a day, then back to normal.

S106 HD GPS FPV Brushless Smart Follow Quadcopter Drone

Great product and of you are looking for a low price drone, this is the one. All the negative reviews are pretty wrong, because this thing is amazing. Great range and video quality is good enough for fpv. Overall it’s great quality for the price and you should get it.

S106 HD GPS FPV Brushless Smart Follow Quadcopter Drone

The drone is really easy to learn and the remote control are great for beginners.

S106 HD GPS FPV Brushless Smart Follow Quadcopter Drone

My first drone and absolutely love it! Took it out the day it arrived and had such fun! Easy to assemble and took great pictures. Great for beginner!

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