Retractable Pink Stuff Clown Plush Toys

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  • High Quality: Made of premium fabric, filled with PP cotton. Handmade and sewed meticulously, non-toxic and durable. Lightweight, easy to carry.
  • Classic Character: Features red mouth, red nose, and crown top hat. This lovely clown with pink hair can add a touch of Xmas charm to your home décor. There are two colors for your choice, the pink one and the rainbow colorful one.
  • Two Sizes: Fold size: 25.6 inches, unfold size: 37.4 inches, Retractable arm, and leg design, you can adjust it freely. Elastic band under the plush doll's feet, children could use the band fix the doll on their feet, then dance with the stuff plush doll.
  • Gift: These cute pink clown plush stuff dolls have good connotations for spreading the holiday spirit, full of love, and can bring good luck. Perfect gift for your friends and family. And it's suitable for kids over 6 years old.
  • Application: Suitable for decorating living room, bedroom, home, college dorm, party, celebration, garden, office, nursery, apartment, hotel, coffee shop, or other occasions.

Customer Reviews

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Retractable Pink Stuff Clown Plush Toys

She’s now my child and I would die for her. Her face and hands are really well made and are sculpted out of plastic, there’s a lot of little details. Her body is really soft which is good for toting around and her legs stretch really nicely! Her little pompoms are adorable and attached nicely. Her hair is super nice and unmatted and her eyes are extremely pretty. I bought one for myself as a decoration and one for my cousin (11) as a birthday present and I think we’ll both enjoy her!

Retractable Pink Stuff Clown Plush Toys

Absolutely love ???, I bought it for my 9 years old daughter.

Retractable Pink Stuff Clown Plush Toys

I love this baby clown doll so cute and for my clown collection

Retractable Pink Stuff Clown Plush Toys

This toy is EXTREMELY cheap and VERY well made. I can’t believe that this clown is so durable for the price. This is a must buy for everyone. Would highly recommend if on a budget and I especially like the stretching gimmick. I saw this same clown on another site and was shocked at the fact that they sold it for over $120. This price is amazing, see? I would buy it soon because maybe they will raise the price.

Retractable Pink Stuff Clown Plush Toys

I got this as a birthday gift for my friend who collects porcelain clowns. As well as to make a short joke about him.But he loved her and all of our friends collectively named her Bongwater.She's not as elastic as we thought she would be but she works great either way! Her face is a hard plastic and is constantly frozen in that of a petrified child covered in clown make up. Or I guess like those babydolls you pretend to feed with the bottle of mysteriously disappearing liquid.Would buy again if they had more variety in the colours and have an army of Bongwaters for world domination.

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