Rainbow Ball Matching Elimination Sorting Game Toy

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-Brand: Ealing
-Recommended age: 3+
-Applicable gender: Unisex
-Color: Mix color
-Diameter of the ball: About 2cm/0.79inch
-Material: ABS+PP+Coated paper, which is safe and non-toxic, can be used for a long time.
-Packing List: Board*1/ Storage Cover*1/ Ball Dispenser Bin*1/ Hourglass*1/ Mission card*8/ Small Ball*64(Color ball 5 colors*12, apple ball*2, gravity ball*2).
-Automatic Ball-refilling: Simply press the protruding button on the board to fill the removed ball automatically. Choose the card randomly, set up the hourglass, and then start the game.
-Color & Thinking Cognition: The rainbow ball game kit contains colorful beads, helpful to improve their thinking and logic skills, and enhance math learning skills.
-Interesting Gameplay: Imagine and judge the result of changing the ball in your mind, and get the ball of the same color through multiple inferences to get points.

Customer Reviews

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Rainbow Ball Matching Elimination Sorting Game Toy

Great price arrived timely. Kids love it.
I wish I could six stars! I buy materials for my classroom frequently on Ealingkids store and they always seem to have only exactly enough little pieces to fill in whatever little spaces are available on the material. Which tells me that the makers have never actually been in a classroom before, otherwise they’d know that that will only last one day before you lose one piece and then the whole things shot. (This is THE WORST if it’s meant for numbers because now the whole lesson is blown!) I’m so incredibly happy with this purchase based on that fact alone! The balls are a larger than I thought, and my students got the hang of placing them in order so as to explore more ways to play it, it was fine.

Rainbow Ball Matching Elimination Sorting Game Toy

This is such a beautiful set! It builds eye hand coordination, attention span, concentration, matching, sorting and so many other skills. One of my students loved this activity so much, I let her borrow it! She has had playing it for a few days now and still has it! She loves it so much! A definite must have!

Rainbow Ball Matching Elimination Sorting Game Toy

I have enjoyed watching my gkids play this game, challenging, fun, and addictive! .and The colors of the beads are really nice and they match perfectly to the rubber sorting baskets. So you are not guessing if it is right or not. Great way to work on fine motor skills. Easy to use. I was pleased overall with quality of this product

Rainbow Ball Matching Elimination Sorting Game Toy

This is great games for children as young as 3 years old and up. It is a good way to involve families in a learning experience. and The product is well made and there are so many different way to play. It keeps them entertained longer than any of their toys.

Rainbow Ball Matching Elimination Sorting Game Toy

The perfect gift. It can be a single player or a family game. The quality is just as I expected!

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