Plastic Electric Gears 3D Puzzle Building Kits Educational Toys

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🌺VALUT SET – Our 82 pieces gear toy encourages hours of fun, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Each set comes with interlocking blocks, gears of varying sizes, swing set, see-saw, merry-go-round, figurines, and more! A motorized spinning gear inspires creativity, imagination, and ​the learning of engineering skills for children at a young age.

🌺CREATIVE FREEDOM – The colorful jigsaw puzzle construction toy creates a fun atmosphere of strategic thinking, stimulates your child’s brain, and develops important problem-solving logic, and motor skills. There is no wrong way to build the set! Allow your child the creative freedom to piece together countless variations day after day.

🌺EDUCATION – Krazy Gears is not only a great learning tool that encourages learning of mechanics and engineering, but it is also an innovative toy set with 6 different colors to help children focus their learning on colors, matching, sorting, and identifying. Inspire early child development while using imagination and critical thinking to create hours of fun.

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Chantia M.
Plastic Electric Gears 3D Puzzle Building Kits Educational Toys

 These things are amazing!! And the price is fantastic. Are they perfect, no, ours had a couple of broken pieces and the plastic could be a little thicker. Oh well, they work, and they're VERY affordable! You can't have it all! We have 4 sets now and we absolutely love them! Fyi, pic and video shown uses 2 or 3 sets.

Daniel C. Hulse
Plastic Electric Gears 3D Puzzle Building Kits Educational Toys

Plastic is cheap, but the engine worked good and at this price we knew what to expect. After about twenty minutes, we were finally able to get it together enough to turn some gears, although it could not hold the attention of our grandchildren for that long who are two years and five years old. But their mother and grandmother had a fun time with it. Maybe it would work better for a bit older children who like to build things. But don't expect the quality to be extremely durable. But for the price, it was okay. There are probably better quality items out there that would be a better buy.

Jade P.
Plastic Electric Gears 3D Puzzle Building Kits Educational Toys

Out of all the toys my son received for his birthday, Gears! was the first one we took out of the packaging and everyone, including adults, played immediately. My two year old was involved, but this toy was a little too advanced for him. My four year loves it and can make some really neat things. My husband made a crane we all had fun watching work. I read a lot of reviews before I bought this and the one I wanted to speak to was that the connecting pieces fit too snug for little hands to take apart. This is true, but if they didn't the toy wouldn't work so well. So if you read that negative of the toy, please don't let it stop you from buying Gears! We have not put this toy away and it's one I enjoy too! I'm over farming and excavating toys. This engineering toy is a nice change and lets everyone be creative together and is fun individually, too.

Plastic Electric Gears 3D Puzzle Building Kits Educational Toys

I bought these for my classroom and of course they arrived at home so I can try them out first with my children. They loved them so much that I had to hide them or they would have never made it to my classroom! I would recommend this item to teachers and parents. Definitely a great gift as well!

Plastic Electric Gears 3D Puzzle Building Kits Educational Toys

My granddaughter loved it!

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