Plastic Army Men Toys for Boys 300 PCS

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  • They are surprisingly durable, easy to grip and the handy storage also a bonus.
  • Include 300 figures and 3 flags represent USA, Britain and Germany.Cover 3 Colors,dark green,muddy red and silver.
  • Imitate three states soldiers to battle ,children can get a lot of enjoyment out of the play set,meanwhile improve their imagination and action force.
  • Great toy soldiers for dioramas, pretend play, historic reenactments, or other educational purposes.
  • Decorate army themed birthday cake,recommend this to anyone who is looking to buy a gift for their child or decorations for a cake or party.

Customer Reviews

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Plastic Army Men Toys for Boys 300 PCS

Exceeded my expectations. They aren’t the size of the usual army men, but my son is crazy about these little men and plays with them every day. My son says he likes that they are different colors and they don’t take up as much space on his playmat (that we made out of felt). They do need to be kept away from toddlers.

Barbara Skulski
Plastic Army Men Toys for Boys 300 PCS

Loved this gift for my grandson . He’s going to love it . Can’t wait to give it to him .?

Plastic Army Men Toys for Boys 300 PCS

First order was lost, second order I received. The minis are smaller and less details than the larger ones, but for the cost, you get a whole lot more. I bought these for precision target shooting, and they work perfect.

Plastic Army Men Toys for Boys 300 PCS

Got this for my 7 year old grandson who loves to play with anything military. He loved them.

Plastic Army Men Toys for Boys 300 PCS

Good quality toys. Our children love playing with them.

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