Blowing Bubble Cute Cartoon Shark And Crab with More Safety and Interactivity

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  • 【Assistant for Parents】Still worrying about children not willing to take a bath? Let EalingKids premium bubble bath Toys change that with a bubble-blowing cute shark bath toy! Our kids will start looking forward to bathtime, night after night. It encourages parent-child bonding at the same time.
  • 【Fun Bath Toys】This bubble bath toy is easy to assemble and take apart. It's quite colorful and the shark is eye-catching to a child. You can put a small amount of bubble bath solution or liquid soap in it and the child can blow bubbles with the elephant blower into their bath which makes a rich foamy bubble bath.
  • 【Develop Hand-eye Coordination】The mouth blower will help your little one grow and learn is rewarding as a parent. Give your child the tools to learn and play with a toy designed to help develop hand-eye coordination and stimulate their senses.
  • 【High Quality and More Safety】Your durable bath toy is made of baby-safe, BPA-free ABS plastic. Plus, it’s gentle on sensitive baby skin. Hand crank instead of battery device makes your bathtub toys safer, more affordable, more environmentally friendly, more interactive with our kids.
  • 【Portable and Anti-choke Design】The portable design solves the problem that the suction cup does not stick well to similar bath toys. The upgraded anti-choke design can prevent our kids from choking when they blow bubbles in their mouths.

Customer Reviews

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Outdoor Blowing Bubble Cute Cartoon Shark And Crab

This was super cute and really amusing! Follow the instructions and woola! The bubbles pour out! Really quite fun.

Texas ??
Outdoor Blowing Bubble Cute Cartoon Shark And Crab

 Very cool bath bubble toy, my son love the wind up bubble handle, we just used some shower gel or hand soap and lots of bubbles produce. He thinks it’s very cool, I can also blow the bubbles out too with the end top part. Easy to use and cute for bath time.

Outdoor Blowing Bubble Cute Cartoon Shark And Crab

2 year old toddler can actually use the toy to create her own bubbles! Would definitely recommend as a fun bath toy!

Outdoor Blowing Bubble Cute Cartoon Shark And Crab

I would give a 5 but they broke really easy cosidering toddlers use them. They were fun while they lasted.

Maria M.
Outdoor Blowing Bubble Cute Cartoon Shark And Crab

It works but the two pieces fall apart easily. Toddler can’t really do it herself but she loves it

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