Make Up Set for Girls Washable Cosmetic Bag Pretend Play

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SKU: ELTPNK2100047

💅Children's Safety matters the most: Kids makeup kit is made of high-quality paraben-free non-toxic materials and has passed the safety standards of US toys and cosmetics. The makeup in this cosmetic purse are gentle, which is very suitable for the tender skin of little girls. Whether your child is using makeup carefully or simply likes to apply color on his face, you can trust this girls makeup kit.
💅Kids Makeup Kit for Girl: Curiosity is a child's instinct, especially when the little girl sees her mama and aunts are putting on makeup. But mom’s cosmetics are expensive and harmful to the child’s skin, so it’s perfect to give this kid makeup kit to a little girl. It can satisfy children's curiosity, and allow children to explore and develop their own makeup styles, and at the same time, it can preserve mother's expensive cosmetics.
💅Thoughtfully Designed Princess Makeup Purse: In addition to the necessary makeup, we are also ingenious in the design of the princess makeup purse. Material of the makeup purse is not cold plastic or artificial leather. This is a complete plush product. The plush purse is composed of a variety of colors and feels super soft. The whole set of products is mainly pink, which is very suitable for your girls.
💅Washable Makeup Set Toy: Each color can be easily matched with beautiful but not mature makeup. Easy to clean, it can be cleaned directly with water or soapy water. Whether it is eye shadow or nail polish, no special steps or makeup remover are required. Little princess can play anywhere without worrying about soiling carpets, clothes or furniture.