Magnetic Rods Steel Ball Toys Set

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Style: 72 PCS Rods+54 PCS Balls
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★Best Educational Toy for Children Over 12 Years Old: This magnetic construction toy set is made of environmental-friendly, odorless PP material which is non-toxic, without BPA, no harmful substances.
★Magnet size: diameter 4mm, length 24mm/ steel ball diameter: 8 mm. Packed in a tin box that is easy to carry.
★Great Value 3D Puzzle Toys: many pieces toys set to trains the graphic cognition of your child, also stimulates their spatial thinking and hand-eye coordination.
★Perfect Teamwork Toys: Suitable teaching for children, and a great stress reliever for adults. It is also a perfect toy set to build up a positive relationship with your children.
★PLEASE NOTE: If you want to finish some complex graphics on the user manual, please purchase two or more sets of this STEM toy. Recommending kids play with an adult.

Customer Reviews

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Magnetic Rods Steel Ball Toys Set

Perfect gift for my grandson. I bought 2 boxes. He is 12 yrs old and will busy himself building with these sticks and magnets for long periods of time. You can build anything imaginable and it holds up. He can play with this on a table or floor. He has no younger siblings, so choking is not a threat in his household, but the pieces could be a hazard for small children, if not supervised.

Magnetic Rods Steel Ball Toys Set

The magnetic strength was stronger than expected which encourages even more creativity from my 12 year old boy! It’s wonderful to have something he loves well enough to put his tablet down to get down on the floor to actually PLAY!! This generation (in general) need to use their hands and minds to create tangible ideas into wherever their own imagination takes them- something NOT virtually on a screen but something REAL that they can actually experience in “real life time”! Lol sad but true. This is PERFECT that gives our kids something they can touch and connect, but is still “technically challenging”. It comes with plenty of pieces to get started- enough to make a sky scraper.... however, we want to build a whole “city” so will be buying another set and probably another as my single mommy budget allows! I couldn’t recommend this with more sincerity. Thank you for this wonderful product!

Magnetic Rods Steel Ball Toys Set

These are great ! It’s my second set, I bought so more kids can build more.I have seen in this site or others that people give them a low rating because the balls are small and not for young children. The steel balls are NOT magnetic. But they are attracted to the magnet in the toys.No you can not build a large item and pick it up and carry it across the room. But we sit in the floor or at a table and build things.The kids are always happy to see them when I bring them out. I keep them put up because I hate when kids lose pieces then you can not build some things.

Magnetic Rods Steel Ball Toys Set

My grandson loves these because he likes to make shapes out of them. Not for small kids that put things in mouth because each piece is about 1" long plus all pieces are magnetic.

Magnetic Rods Steel Ball Toys Set

These are a lot of fun to play with and come with a handy little storage box. The rods were a little shorter than I expected so it doesn't seem like there's that many pieces. A little pricey but worth it with the amount of time the kids spend having fun with these. I would recommend buying at least 2 though

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