Magnetic Balls and Rods Set Educational Magnet Building Blocks

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  • ★ Limitless Possibilities for Countless of Models ★ Educational Magnet Building Sticks & Balls Kit gives your children the experience they deserve – with 44/54/65/74 pieces in a variety of shapes, your child can choose between curved & straight shapes in different lengths, develop their creativity and plan intricate designs with our dazzling PASTEL COLORS, that ignite the imagination and give an artistic touch to every model, turning every day to a party with the balloon-like style of the magnets (Attached instructions)
  • ★ STEAM EDUCATION – Develops Creativity & Confidence ★ Learning through play has never been more engaging! Easily assemble 24 models in our step-by-step Instructions. The 24 models are just the beginning – let your kids’ imagination run wild and create their own one-of-a-kind designs. Dream a model, Design it & create it. It’s fun & easy to assemble the models with the super-sensitive, high-quality magnets – Feel the joy of seeing your kid successfully assemble a model

    • ★ A GIFT THAT EVERY CHILD WILL CHERISH ★ Astounding Pastel colors, shapes & models with Ealingkids‘s special design: artistic magnetic rods with pop texture design, the cute magnetic ball with smiley face pattern that mesmerizes and everyone loves. With children-friendly round edges, your children. Quality durable materials that will withstand countless hours of playing. (Suitable for children aged 3+)


    • ★ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS Magnetic Balls and Rods are made of high-quality ABS: strong, smooth, and don't contain phthalates, lead, cadmium, and BPA. The groove design on the surface of the magnetic building blocks and the large size is easy to grasp and can prevent children from swallowing, allowing parents to do their own thing with peace of mind. (The recognized safety diameter is 1.25 inches, while the diameter of our magnetic ball reaches 1.4 inches, safe for kids!!)


    • ★ Enjoy Family Quality Time & Learn Together ★ With Sticks and Balls Magnets Set, your children and you can bond for hours and experience together with the joy of turning your imagination into reality. The best game for developing kids patience, precision, and problem-solving skills, while nurturing an artistic perception and conceptual understanding of form and function. The intricate PATTERNS OF DOTS & WHIRLS on the magnets enrich the playing experience and spark the imagination
    • ★ TRUSTED BRAND! ★ We will do whatever it takes to make you thrilled with your purchase. Our Magnet Building Sticks and Balls Playset has a unique design, with BALLOON-LIKE SHAPES and PASTEL COLORS + it arrives in a One-of-a-Kind Gift Box.

    Customer Reviews

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    Magnetic Balls and Rods Set Educational Magnet Building Blocks

    Seem very durable. Kids get to build lots of cool designs. I like all the different sizes and shapes. Great STEM practice

    Magnetic Balls and Rods Set Educational Magnet Building Blocks

    My kids LOVE and enjoy playing with these magnetic sticks. They can build things following the instructions and they can use their own imagination to build a few challenge shapes and structures. This product promotes creativity. The pieces are light, easy to assemble, and suitable for both juniors and toddlers. Recommend!

    Magnetic Balls and Rods Set Educational Magnet Building Blocks

    This is a very giftable item that is also sturdy and durable. We built a 3 level tower that can be picked up by just the magnetic ball at the top and it doesn't fall apart. These are good quality and are highly recommended.

    Magnetic Balls and Rods Set Educational Magnet Building Blocks

    My daughter loves this magnetic building set! You get 54 pieces total, along with an instructional booklet. The pieces connect so easily, and I even enjoy building these with her. The building opportunities are endless, and it’s a great set to develop motor skills!

    Magnetic Balls and Rods Set Educational Magnet Building Blocks

    These make play very easy. The bars are magnetic and the balls are just metal. The balls act as connecting pieces allowing them to build in any direction. They are colorful and encourage creativity as well as teaching about magnets (pieces also repel as well as attract based on their magnetic poles) Although advertised for 3 yr olds and up had a lot of fun with them. He built the structure in my pictures and made his adorable “concentration face” while doing it.These pieces seem solid and the magnets are secure inside the bar pieces rather than stuck on the outside. I do not worry about them falling off.The original asking price seems a little expensive but they are a very good deal for the current sale price. I just may buy another set to keep my kids from fighting over these.

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