12 Pieces Kids Party Favor Bags With Cartoon Animal Design (Local Delivery USA Only)

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Local Delivery USA Only

12 Pcs drawstring bag with double faces pattern(White bear, Unicorn, Flamingo, Elephant, Dinosaur, Tiger, Lion, Penguin, Owl, Fox, Zebra, Giraffe).
Each bag is a different design. They're perfect for small to medium size gifts package.
Kids' party favor bags are great sizes for storage gifts, stationery and still have plenty of room for other things.
Believe that everybody will be crazy about them.
Drawstring bags are easy to carry that boys and girls can take to school or join parties. High-quality material, goody bags are made of very sturdy dacron, and the printed graphics will hold up to anything.
After the holiday is over, they can use a drawstring gift pouch for beach toys, toiletries, gym clothes, sleepovers, trick-or-treating, etc. They seem much more practical than wrapping paper.
These zoo goodie bags are reusable for a simple outing without them falling apart quickly. You can put quite a few things in this bag (such as a coloring book with a small pack of crayons, a deck of cards, a small die-cast car, and dinosaur toys).
Each favor bag is a different design with a double-faced pattern. They're perfect for small to medium size gifts package.
Use these kid's party favor bags to wrap small gifts for birthday parties. Reusable as a snack bag, kid's shoe bag, or accessory bag, thanks to the drawstring closure.