Kids Digital Weight Animal Balance Scale Educational Set

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-Brand: Ealing
-Recommended age: 3+
-Applicable gender: Unisex
-Color: Frog(green)/ Lion(yellow)/ Chick(yellow)
-Material: ABS, which is safe, non-toxic, and tasteless.
🐸[HOW TO PLAY] This game introduces math concepts like number recognition, sorting, counting, and basic addition.
🐸[INTERESTING METHOD OF LEARNING NUMBERS]: Animal Balance scale is valid for encouraging preschool-age children to become familiar with numbers while having fun, and exercising the kid's coordination ability with hands, eyes, and brain.
🐸[INTERACTIVE LEARNING]: Animal STEM toys are the ideal teaching tool for families and schools. And The color of the frog balance is rich and bright, while playing it, it can also enhance the kids' cognitive ability.

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Kids Digital Weight Animal Balance Scale Educational Set

This math game is great for my first grader. That will help him a lot to understand perfectly what mean larger number or equal number. Its super interactive and super easy to understand specific math elementary this. Very easy to use libra. My first grader love it. All the day long he played with it. I'm so happy he likes it. I explained him just 10 minutes what he need to do. Wonderful math game???

Kids Digital Weight Animal Balance Scale Educational Set

After lasting several weeks of daily use in a PreK classroom, I can say this product is durable. Everything has fallen or been dropped on the floor more times than I care to remember. My students are obsessed with balancing it and then stacking everything on one side to see how high they can make the tower. The little frogs are adorable... so adorable that one of my students tried to take them home by hiding them in her hat.The only thing that could be improved is the fact that the double sized cards are a bit confusing. You would expect them to be like traditional flash cards that have the answer on the back, but that isn’t the case. Let’s face it... the cards end up all over the floor anyway, so I just don’t put them out at the station.

Kids Digital Weight Animal Balance Scale Educational Set

It is so cool how all the numbers weigh the precise amount needed. If you put 3 and 4 on one side, the 7 will perfectly balance it out. If you put 3 on one side and 4 on the other, it will fall completely. The thing I don't like is that it is only good for addition and teaching the numbers. There doesn't seem to be a way to teach subtraction and place value with it.

Kids Digital Weight Animal Balance Scale Educational Set

This learning toy saved my homeschool year last year. My youngest is very resistant to change and last year I went from just being mommy to being mommy and teacher because he started preschool. He knew his numbers and could count but refused when asked. I bought this and one other counting toy and when I say his whole additude changed, it was like I had a whole other kid.It is accurate, sturdy and fun. I would recommend this to anyone trying to introduce numbers to kids. It is also useful for math up to 10+9 as you can put multiple numbers on one side.

Kids Digital Weight Animal Balance Scale Educational Set

This is an awesome educational toy! The numbers are weighted in units of lions, and even my 3yo thinks that is cool! She loves balancing the numbers with the "cute little lions "
Good brand, ealingkids

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