Kids Beach Sand Toys Set (Local Delivery USA Only)

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Local Delivery USA Only

For Endless Fun at The Beach!
Whether playing in the beach sand, backyard, bath or in the snow, this beach playset helps kids to explore their creativity whiles having fun!
The beach toy set includes a bucket and scoop for collecting sand, a watering can and water scoop, a rake and 5 sand molds in the shape of a starfish, tortoise, crab and an octopus. The brightly colored molds help kids to easily create the shapes of their choice. This boosts their imagination whiles promoting hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
Made of high-quality and non-toxic materials, each component is durable and child safe. Easy to carry around, everything fits in a reusable beach bag with a draining mesh design that dries out the toys and leaves sand and water on the playground when it's time to leave.

Unique Animal-Shaped Molds
Convenient Mesh Beach Bag
High-Quality & Durable Materials
100% Safe & Non-Toxic