Kids 3 In 1 Kitchen Game Play Toy

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  • Safe Material: Made of high-quality materials(ABS), BPA-free, non-toxic, and water-based paint.
  • Age: Suitable for children over three years old.
  • Packing Size: 34*22*15.5cm
  • Note: The battery box does not contain batteries, and batteries need to be purchased separately (4.5VAA).
  • Pretend Play Toys: Simulate realistic motion, lights and sounds
    41 kinds of mix and match purchases, including cash, coins, credit cards, hot dogs, donuts, coffee, cakes, etc.
    Credit card cashier, accompanied by lighting and sound effects, and the calculator also accompanied by lighting and sound effects.

Customer Reviews

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Kids 3 In 1 Kitchen Game Play Toy

Our three year old granddaughter loves making coffee for everyone! It’s so cute hearing her ask if we want a latte or a cappauccino. Would definitely recommend!

Kids 3 In 1 Kitchen Game Play Toy

My son loves this thing, to the point where it needs to sit next to the actual coffee maker. On the plus side, I'm probably better hydrated now than I've ever been in my life, as it's not unusual for him to "make me some coffee" with it... which is of course just water.No idea what the "thickness" and "sheerness" ratings I just gave this thing five stars for refer to, but it's thick and sheer enough for my taste, so sure, five stars there, why not?

Kids 3 In 1 Kitchen Game Play Toy

Fun coffee maker for little children. Easy to work . Nice addition to a little child’s kitchen.

Kids 3 In 1 Kitchen Game Play Toy

This is a awesome gift .. and yes it can be use with out the water .. My three years old granddaughter love it ..

Kids 3 In 1 Kitchen Game Play Toy

This is an adorable addition to a play kitchen

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