Garbage Truck Toy With Lights And Sounds (Local Delivery USA Only)

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Local Delivery USA Only

Load and Dump!
A garbage truck toy that comes with 4 compatible and colorful trash cans, this realistic toy allows for rear-loading and dumping!
It also includes illustrated flash cards for learning about the types of waste and how to sort and discard trash into the correct waste bins, all valuable knowledge for life.
Made from high-grade environmentally friendly ABS plastic, each part is 100% safe, non-toxic and durable enough to withstand accidental bumps and drops.
With various functions such as a back bump function, waste disposal, and air pump, it also features friction-powered wheels that keep the truck in motion after a push. Its realistic built-in lights and sirens make this vehicle remarkably similar to the real thing and exciting to kids.
40 Illustrated Flashcards
Realistic Dump Truck Functions
Friction-Powered Wheels
Safe & Eco-Friendly Materials
High-Quality & Durable Build