Fidget Cube Ring Stress Relif Toy (Radom delivery in shape and color )


Style: White & Cyan
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  • Size: 3.2*5.3cm = 1.26*2.09 inch Elements: circular dial, button, rotary knob, worry stone, gear. There would someone you prefer.
  • Function: Anxiety and Stress Relief. Our product is simulating many times in your daily life. The light button, the gamepad, the gear, etc.
  • Material: High quality. The cube ring is made of high-quality environmental protection ABS material, non-toxic and environmentally.
  • Novelty design: several elements can relax.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. Place an order, you’ll get stylish and cool fidget toys which look exactly the same as it does on the image. If you’re not satisfied with our product after you receive it, pls contact us directly. We’ll offer you a Replacement or 60-day Money Back. We promise to satisfy you very well

Customer Reviews

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Fidget Cube Decompression Ring Anxiety Toy Relieves Stress

So I'm very picky about my clicks and turns, so I wanted to give a description for anybody like me who wants the particulars of each side.My general takeaway is that this toy has a great feel to it, and only a few things disappointed me (I like everything to click, rollerball and joystick included) but the fact that you can hold it in such an intuitive way earns big points for me. The only real disadvantage is that it is a NOISY toy, so this is something for personal study time, not for a lecture or class where your clicking may disrupt others. Also, its bulk might reduce portability if you're trying to pack your bag light. But again, those are all things that depend on what YOU want from your fidget toy! For me, this is gonna have a new home in my backpack at all times, alongside the smaller and quieter Fidget Cube it draws inspiration from.Joystick: Full motion, can press in but does not click. Sticks out pretty far.Switch: 11/10 SATISFYING CLICK! Requires some pressure to click, and is noisy.Worry stone: Shiny textured plastic, so difficult to use if hands are dry but otherwise pleasantly smooth.Buttons: Center one is quiet non-click, the other 4 are clicky (satisfying) and loud. This is different from other fidget toys where the center has the same click as the others, so if you (like me) like to roll your thumb across three buttons to get that nice button-mashing sensation, this isn't quite right.Dial: LOUD. Clicky, satisfying, but a bit tricky to turn if you have any coordination/finger strength issues.Roller ball: Presses down but does NOT click, which disappoints me. A bit difficult to roll in certain directions, sits a bit low inside the setting. Otherwise smooth, and that difficulty rolling seems to loosen up with use.Gears: Noisy, clicky, has a bit of a springy feel to them. Can be moved all together or independently.

Elisabeth Pickett
Fidget Cube Decompression Ring Anxiety Toy Relieves Stress

It is impossible to exaggerate how amazing this is for me! I have motor issues with my hands and the cube models are very difficult for me to grip and hold onto. I end up fumbling and dropping them all the time. But this ring version is perfect to slip a finger through and hold loosely yet securely. I haven't dropped it once! I didn't know this style existed and I'm just so happy I found it! (My mom is buying me a backup one in a different color!)

Fidget Cube Decompression Ring Anxiety Toy Relieves Stress

I have a tendency to drop things, the shape of this it makes it harder to drop. The wheel and the three gears are a bit stiff and squeaky, love it though nonetheless

Fidget Cube Decompression Ring Anxiety Toy Relieves Stress

Fantastic device. I’ve had traditional fidget cubes and I much prefer this. The clicks are thiccc and the whole thing has a lovely weight to it that feels good in your hand. And anyone whose favorite color is purple needs everything to be purple, so purple lovers will appreciate the purple one!

Fidget Cube Decompression Ring Anxiety Toy Relieves Stress

Honestly the best fidget toy ive ever brought. The dial and combination lock rollers have a clicking noise , ive never seen that on any other toy, which adds to uniqueness of this toy. It’s design itself makes it better than most cuz just holding it is comfortable and helps me on focusing and not fidgeting as much. The joystick is very nice and you can push it in which isnt present on a lot of other fidget toys, the sooth stone is of a nice plastic different from the ring so it does feel nice rubbing against your finger . And the buttons are great as each has a distinct type of noise. My co workers love it as we work in a very busy environment and are always on computers so it helps to keep the focus and the peace .

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