Electric Educational Puzzle Rolling Trackball Game Console

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Color: Cherry Red
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Brand: Ealing
Recommended age: 3+
Applicable gender: Unisex
Color: Cheery Red/ Deep Green.
Ball size: 16.8mm
Material: ABS, which is safe, non-toxic, and tasteless.
Battery: Three AA batteries are required. (Not Included).
The toy can be used by rotating to lift the elevator and pressing the corresponding button to send the ball to the correct area.
Adopting the toy with changeable subject cards, soft lighting, and dynamic music to attract kids to play.
Cultivate baby's hand-eye coordination;
Enhance children's logical thinking training;
Exercising children's hands-on ability;
Multiplayer interactive games, suitable for party games.

Customer Reviews

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Electric Educational Puzzle Rolling Trackball Counting Toy

The ball machine is quite educational. The niece likes to play and can also pass through the levels. It is very interesting. It can attract children and reduce the time for children to watch TV. The niece has played for a long time and likes it very much~

Electric Educational Puzzle Rolling Trackball Counting Toy

There are countless times this is the first purchase! There are really not many toys in this shop! Children can be fresh for a long time! This can improve children's concentration! Where can a four-and-a-half-year-old child play by himself for a long time! really like!

Electric Educational Puzzle Rolling Trackball Counting Toy

they could reach in for the balls, or whatever else they put in there.. Plus if something gets stuck (my grandkids test lots of things besides the balls!) you can work it out due to it being open. My 4 yr. old and 3 yr. old grand kids loved it also!

Electric Educational Puzzle Rolling Trackball Counting Toy

This small home ball machine is quite attractive, and girls like to play with it. We two adults also played all afternoon. It's so interesting. ??????. It feels like the whole family is playing together.

Electric Educational Puzzle Rolling Trackball Counting Toy

The color matching is very attractive to the children. You can play with the children when you are fine. The puzzle and concentration. The instructions are also detailed. You can earn it by buying it.

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