DIY Dinosaur Crystals Growing Toys

SKU: ELT4PC2100827

🔮Prepare a cup of 120ml of 100℃ boiling water.
🔮Pour all the crystal sand into the boiling water container and continue stirring until the crystal sand is completely dissolved.
🔮After about 20 minutes placement, dissolve down to 20℃ and put the seed crystal in the middle of the container.
🔮Sprinkle the magic sand evenly on the seed crystal.
🔮Close the lid of the container and let it stand for 24 hours before opening.
🔮About 8-10 days later, pour out the solution and the crystal created by yourself is there.
🔮Use a wooden stick to remove the rough edges at the bottom of the crystal, and correct the shape of the crystal until it fits into the body of the dinosaur.
🧒Age: Suitable over 6 years old kids (please use under parental guardianship)
Packing Size: 30.5*8*17cm/12.01*3.15*6.69in
🔮Packing List:
Dinosaur Toy*4, Crystal Sand*4, Seed Crystal*4, Transparent Cup*4, Base*1, Magic Sand*2, Stirring Rod*2, Wooden Stick*1