Dinosaur Figures 44 Pieces (Local Delivery USA Only)

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Local Delivery USA Only

A Full Jurassic Family!
Create a fantastic Jurassic world for exploration and learning with this 44-piece dinosaur play set!
Featuring 12 different types of dinosaurs with grass, plants, trees and a textured terrain, this set inspires imagination and creativity in kids. From a Tyrannosaurus to a Brachiosaurus, Styracosaurus and more, children will have fun learning about different kinds of dinosaurs as they play and interact with their favorites.
Made of eco-friendly ABS plastic material through high-precision mold injection, the smooth and rounded-edges of the toys protect the tender skin of kids from abrasions and harm. This dinosaur play set helps kids to develop their IQ, animal recognition, shape cognition, color cognitive abilities and creativity, whether they choose to play indoors or outdoors.
Engaging & Educative
Colorful and Attractive Models
Safe and Eco-Friendly Material
Vivid Skin-Textured Dinosaurs
Non-Abrasive Mat
Suitable For Kids Aged 3+