Desktop Game Cautious Dinosaur Clip Beads Color Cognative Practice

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  • ♬ MORE EXCITING - Before the game starts, please put 28 dinosaur eggs into the rotating disk. According to the card instructions, you need to use tweezers to take out the dinosaur eggs in turn. After triggering the mechanism, the dinosaur will rush out of the house
  • ♬ MULTIPLAYER INTERACTION - This kid game with 4 tweezers is ideal for families to enhance the parent-child relationship. It also ideal for all kinds of family gatherings, friends gatherings, and parties, allowing children to get to know each other and improve social skills quickly
  • ♬ LEARNING WHILE PLAYING - This kid's board game has colorful dinosaur eggs and cards with scores, improving children’s cognition of colors and exercising simple arithmetic skills. Practicing holding dinosaur eggs with tweezers can improve children’s hand-eye coordination
  • ♬ ABUNDANT PACKAGING - This family card game contains 1 x base, 1 x dinosaur, 1 x dinosaur house, 4 x tweezers, 24 x cards, and 28 x dinosaur eggs, 1 x premium package. All parts are made of safe, superior materials and pass various safety tests to ensure the durability
  • ♬ IDEAL GIFT - This dinosaur toy for 5+-year-old kids is an excellent gift for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and anniversaries. You will also get a 12-month quality guarantee. If you have any questions about dinosaur toy for kids 5-7, please feel free to contact us

Customer Reviews

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Desktop Game Cautious Dinosaur Clip Beads Color Cognative Practice

I feel like yeti spaghetti is very much like the tumble marvel game thought you know the one that you put the sticks in and once you have all your sticks in all crossways and stuff you drop all the marbles in and then you pull down. what I like better about the yeti game is that there is no marbles. Since I have a 1-year-old we never get to play that game because she likes to put the marbles in her mouth. Where is this game is similar to that you don't want the yeti to fall into the bowl. So there's no pieces to choke on. The spaghetti noodles don't necessarily fit the nicest across the bowl. So that's kind of a bummer and the kids just kind of throw them on and then that takes out the fun like you really want the spaghetti to be crisscrossed. trying to get the yeti to stay up sometimes can be tricky so the kids are having a super fun time with it.

Desktop Game Cautious Dinosaur Clip Beads Color Cognative Practice

Simple game, great for younger kids - but even our 11-year-old enjoyed it. Less agonizing for Mom and Dad to have to play, too, which is a solid selling feature in itself.

Lauren Berman
Desktop Game Cautious Dinosaur Clip Beads Color Cognative Practice

Purchased as a motor skills game for my almost 2 and 3 year old kids. Also I was hoping this game would teach them a bit about taking turns, following rules/instructions and being gentle. Both kids really enjoy this game and for ~$9 I’m very pleased. It’s a simple game that they both can fully understand. Sometimes I feel bad my 2 year old gets left out on games but I truly think she’s included/capable of playing this. It’s a good precursor to more advanced games like “pick up sticks” or another game we have where you use sticks to build a nest to put eggs into. Fantastic game for very young players! Very cute and well priced. I can picture buying this again to give as a gift.

Desktop Game Cautious Dinosaur Clip Beads Color Cognative Practice

I love this game! We purchased it as a birthday gift for our 7 year old and it ended up being the entertainment of the party! The product is high quality, the instructions are simple, and the game itself is engaging enough for our entire family. Each game only lasts a few minutes, making it perfect to play any time and with nearly any one.

S. Minica
Desktop Game Cautious Dinosaur Clip Beads Color Cognative Practice

This is sort of a more modern version of pickup sticks. My kids thought it was funny that there was a monster in the spaghetti. My only complaint was that the bowl that the spaghetti and Yeti sat in was too lightweight. My kids were almost knocking it over because it would move easily as each piece of spaghetti was extracted. Other than that, it's a cute game!

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