Children Domino Train Smoking Automatic Building Blocks

SKU: ELTGRN2100796

🚂100% SAFE - Made of the highest quality, non-toxic, tasteless plastic. The train and tiles are strong, rounded, and unbreakable. Which is suitable for kids over 6 years old.
🚂Size: The train about 16*11*7CM, the clip about 24 CM high, and the dominoes size is 2*3.5 CM.
🚂EASY DOMINO COLLECTION TO SET UP - By simply pressing the quick-load domino onto the train, your colorful blocks go up into the holder and stay there until your train releases them as it travels over the floor or table. And the products need 2* AA batteries which are not included.
🚂GREAT BONDING EXPERIENCE FOR PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS WITH CHILDREN - Or just leave them to play alone. Either way, it’s a lot of fun while aiding in the development of color recognition, cognitive abilities, spatial relationships, and teamwork.
🚂ANOTHER GREAT PRODUCT- This automatic domino placing train NEVER STICKS. Plus customer service you just can’t beat.