27 Pieces Kids Play Tool Set (Local Delivery USA Only)

SKU: X00242UKG7

Local Delivery USA Only

Kids love building and fixing things! This starter pack is a play-ready and travel-friendly backpack loaded with 27 realistic handyman tools for doing just that.
It????s complete with everything they need from a play hammer to drill bits, bolts, nuts, nails, measuring gauge, gradienter, wrench, pliers, screwdriver, panel with hole, a saw and a battery-powered pretend drill tool with realistic light and sound effects.
Broadening the imagination of kids and honing their creative skills as they undertake various projects, this fun-packed backpack also keeps everything organized and ready for road trips and hangouts. Exciting and interactive, it helps kids grow with a happy work-and-play spirit.
Full Set of Realistic Play Tools
Highly Engaging and Educational
Non-Toxic & Child Safe Parts
Organization Backpack Included
Portable & Travel Friendly Setup