Battle Balloon Robot Table Game Remote Control

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  • Educational Game Toys: The toy is a great DIY toy, Designed for age 5+ years kids. It is also suitable for parent-child game interaction, enhancing feelings and improving children's reaction ability.
  • Great for Fun: Put the balloon on the robot, put the detachable goggles on the balloon, turn on the power of the robot and the controller, and get ready for battle! Keep hitting the ball, if your opponentâ€s balloon bursts, you will win!
  • Safety: The balloon robot is completely safe for players. The robotâ€s fist wears child-safe frosted gloves that can scratch and pop balloons, but it feels smooth to the touch.
  • Real-Time Battle: Experience The Passion Of Boxing, And Improve Childrenâ€s Reaction Ability. Balloon Puncher, Keep Punching Until It Pops! A Battling Robot With Balloon Head.
  • Easy To Control: You Can Freely Remote Control The Robot. Attach a Balloon On The Robot, Put The Detachable Goggle On The Balloon, Power On Your Robot And Controller And Be Ready To Fight! Keep Punching And Youâ€Ll Win If Your Opponentâ€S Balloon Burst!

Customer Reviews

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Dan Duncan
Battle Balloon Robot Table Game Remote Control

The look on my grandson’s face when he open this box after his parents telling them they wouldn’t buy it was fantastic I would’ve paid 100 times the price to see the look on his face very sturdy five-year-old hasn’t broke it at least for the last two days worth every penny

Battle Balloon Robot Table Game Remote Control

This has been a big hit at our house for both children and adults while staying home during the pandemic. It requires some assembly, but was easy enough for my 7 year old to put together. The only downside is that it comes apart during particularly intense matches and you have to take a break to reassemble the boxers. If you are looking for something new to brighten up your time at home, I highly recommend this as a fun break from screen time.

Battle Balloon Robot Table Game Remote Control

This little game is great. I wanted some type of old fashioned toy for my 4 year old and this has been great. It is age appropriate for a wide range and the punching action is fantastic, its very sturdy and very quick and reactive when you punch. Simple and fun. I have even played it with my 16 year old son and he likes it too.

Battle Balloon Robot Table Game Remote Control

I had to order this game! My kids always want me to play beyblades and i just don’t care for it! Now rock em sock em is more my cup of tea ??. I do recommend this game for anyone really. Makes a great gift!One thing i must say is, the ring post kept falling and one of the ropes came apart, but that was not such a big deal i hot glued it back together and NO more issues! Now i can enjoy fun with my kids!

Tribe of Benjamin
Battle Balloon Robot Table Game Remote Control

I bought this for me and my 5 year old nephew to play. We love playing it together and it holds up well. I remember having this as s child and it being so fun. My 5 year old nephew has a smile a mile wide when we play and I add commentary. He usually wins despite just learning how to play. We needed a little assistance putting it together but it's perfect after that. Highly recommend for all ages.

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