Archaeological Blind Box Discovery Dig Out Set For Kids

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DISCOVER TREASURES - Give your child the thrill of digging in a real gem mine as they excavate real treasures. This educational engaging activity emphasizes fun, exploration, and discovery!

FIND 11 AMAZING GEMSTONES - Including Green Aventurine, Beige Topaz, Picture stone, fluorite, Pyrite, and more. Unlike other kids' toys, our Dig Kit seamlessly blends educational value with fun!

A COMPLETE LEARNING ACTIVITY – This Treasure Kit includes everything you need to keep kids digging and learning for hours, including a dig brick packed with gemstones, a chisel, a brush, and a magnifying glass to inspect these amazing specimens!

Wonderful Gift Choice – Perfect STEM gifts for boys and girls!

Weight: 0.2KG Each Recommended age: 6+

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Archaeological Blind Box Discovery Dig Out Set For Kids


Archaeological Blind Box Discovery Dig Out Set For Kids

This is something you will be carving out for days so parents be prepared. My daughter couldn't get any of the rocks out (she's five) so parents Will need to assist. We added lots of water and and still it was tedious to extract just like the real thing so I can't complain. The plastic tools that came with it are safe but on the flip side they make the process so tedious. It's like chipping plaster with a toothpick I was ready to smash it with my hammer after the third extraction then again I have no patience for these things. As expected this stuff can get pretty messy but clean up is really easy. My daughter loves it! She's smashing things, exploring, and learning all while having fun so I'm satisfied. I definitely would recommend!

Archaeological Blind Box Discovery Dig Out Set For Kids

I got this Gemstone Dig Kit for my almost-five-year-old son, and the very similar Fossil Dig Kit for my six and a half year old daughter. They happily dug into their individual hunks of clay/dirt for at least two hours straight, immersed the entire time. They would exclaim in excitement every time they unearthed something. MY son treats all of the gemstones he dug up like they're precious treasure. I liked the booklet included with the kit, which helps to identify each stone and tells a bit about each one. A few things to keep in mind: Be prepared for a mess, but know that it's totally worth it. Also, have a little water on hand to pour over the digging area-- just enough to moisten it. It really helps ease the digging for little diggers. And lastly, the images of stones imprinted/painted on the top of the block of clay dirt aren't the actual gemstones. You dig right through those to get to the real stones. This is a really great set, and my kids gave it two thumbs up!

Archaeological Blind Box Discovery Dig Out Set For Kids

I was really excited for my "treasure" loving son to receive this gift for his birthday. He was so excited to open the box. I was disappointed that, after opening the (seemingly undamaged) outer box, the item was already in pieces and several of the stones/gems were already completely dislodged from the hardened sand. Half of the fun was ruined because my son could simply pick half the stones out with his fingers. Since it was already opened and my son was already excited about the gems, I just let him go to town digging out the rest. A really cute idea - just needs some additional packaging to protect the item inside.

Linda Keenan
Archaeological Blind Box Discovery Dig Out Set For Kids

I got this for my grandson's seventh birthday. He opened his gifts at his party, and this was set aside. He was more interested in race cars and Spiderman as he and his friends played. We quietly put this back so he could explore it later. That night, he spent hours with his brother excavating the gemstones and then reading and learning about their different properties. He loved the discovery of each new gemstone! He and his brother were occupied for quite a long time, and they were learning at the same time. My grandson is interested in learning about scientific things, and this really held his interest. I highly recommend this!

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