8 in 1 Science Mining Gem Sets

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Brand: Ealing
Recommended age: 5+
Color: Mix
Applicable gender: Unisex
Material: Gypsum, which is safe, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic.
CRYSTAL TREASURES KIT: Discover 2 gems and 6 stones. With dig tools, like a real archaeologist excavating up unique crystal treasures.
FUN AND EDUCATIONAL: Let the kids enjoy science experiments, a really good way to develop and improve their patient, attention, and hands-on ability.
Stimulate children's interest in world cognition and active learning, make children fall in love with learning.
PVC bottom support in the package to put soil blocks and tools, the blister film packs the soil blocks, not easy to wear and can keep the box clean.

Customer Reviews

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8 in 1 Science Mining Gem Sets

The quality is very good, it is very thick, I like it with special texture, and the quality is also very good. It is really cost-effective to buy at this price. The practicality and appearance are very good. I like it very much and will buy it again. of

8 in 1 Science Mining Gem Sets

My three young ones just loved this. We were all surprised at the size, quality and amount of gemstones hidden inside this little treasure. Very glad we got it all my kids were happy and were able to "discover" some hidden treasure of their own. The gemstone variety was fantastic and the size and quality was above our expectations.Once we rinsed them off with water, the kids (ages 5-10) could easily identify them from the pictures in the instruction booklet. Fun gift for all.

8 in 1 Science Mining Gem Sets

The service attitude is very good, there is no peculiar smell, and it is fun. This shop is really perfect. I bought it because I was curious. When I dug the tenth one, I almost dig out the soil and thought it had fallen. The customer service lady was very patient and taught me to knock open the clods. The ore is a real natural ore, and it is a very good choice whether it is for teaching or cultivating the patience of children. The price is cheap and the customer service attitude is also very good. I’m not a trustee. This is the first time I write a review because it’s so good.

8 in 1 Science Mining Gem Sets

My 5-year-old son spent most of Birthday Day pouring over this. It was hard work - and he ended up getting tired of digging and ended up throwing some of the chunks on the driveway to get it to break up (they don’t really recommend this method...). I am still not sure if he has found all the gems yet. He has a few chunks that he has saved to break up later. Some of the gems are fairly small and almost got thrown away with what we thought were empty chunks of dirt. The purple gem design imprinted on the front of the dirt piece is a little hokey. Makes it feel a little less genuine of a gem-digging search. Although they are digging for mostly polished gems, so it’s obviously not genuine. All in all, my son loved it. He loves showing people his gems. It was a messy activity but putting some paper down under his workspace make for easy cleanup.

8 in 1 Science Mining Gem Sets

We've bought many different dig kits, so I wanted to find something that would feel exciting for the kid who's done it before. This kit is the best! There are SO many fossils and gems! Every time you find one, there is another one right next to it waiting to be discovered. The rocks are all polished and nice, and some of the fossils have also been polished where appropriate, and are a variety of sizes. Of course, you have to be careful digging, as some of the fossils can be pretty delicate as well. By far the best kit we've ever bought.

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