3D Interactive Puzzles Geometric Educational Toy

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Size: 7 PCS
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✔️Recommended age: 4+ years old. And this puzzle set providing 100 questions for kids to discover.
✔️Material: Wood, which is safe, non-toxic, and tasteless. They are carefully carved without burrs, durable and long-time use.
✔️Size: Box size about 19 x 19x 5cm, the manual size about 13*13CM, and we have 7 PCS blocks in total, it's single size about 2 CM each.
🧩The puzzle is one of the magic games that will never go out of style.
🧩Completing puzzles with family or friends can not only exercise logic and sensory coordination.
🧩It also provides you with the opportunity to build closer relationships with others and create an atmosphere of joy.
🧩Develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, shape recognition skills, memory, and task completion skills.
🧩Puzzles can effectively stimulate people's thinking, train their thinking, judgment, and patience.

Customer Reviews

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3D Interactive Puzzles Geometric Educational Toy

My 5-year-old is kind of too young to play with this on her own, so we play together. And I can see how this tetris puzzle is helping with fine motor skills and problem-solving skills. I love the fact that there is not just one unique solution that you can fit pieces perfectly. In some sense, it also helps to develop a sense of "global optimization" problem for this age. This product also provides some patterns that you can do with the pieces, . I think this is the best STEM toy that I bought at this price. Its material feels very sturdy and thick enough that we can keep playing for a long while. In terms of age-appropriateness,

3D Interactive Puzzles Geometric Educational Toy

This is hands down one of my favorite toys! And so inexpensive, I bought one for each of my kids. My 5 year old likes to make fun symmetrical designs with it, and my 5 year old enjoys trying to fit all the pieces on the board without having any empty spaces left. I love challenging myself with it in different ways, such as putting all the pieces on the board and not having any of the same colors touch. My kids and I play this over and over, and it’s one of the few toys they have that holds both of their attention for long spans of time (which, as any parent knows, happens almost next to never!). I fully appreciate that the pieces are made of wood Go ahead and buy this — it’s so fun for all ages!

3D Interactive Puzzles Geometric Educational Toy

The pieces and frame are all strudy & wooden & reversible. Pieces are brightly painted on all sides. A helpful sheet for solutions and suggestions is included. A child could follow it.

3D Interactive Puzzles Geometric Educational Toy

I bought this for a 6-year-old child (kindergarten) who loves doing puzzles. This puzzle required her to figure out how to turn the puzzle piece to get it to fit with the other pieces.

3D Interactive Puzzles Geometric Educational Toy

This is the most popular thing that fourth graders have been playing with all summer. They skip over the Bop-It and grab this first! It’s durable and a great challenge. It also leads to some really creative designs! Their spatial relation skills are already improving!

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