245PCS Girls Ferris Wheel LED Building Blocks Toy

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🎡Amusement Park Theme - Friends amusement park Ferris wheel carnival LED building bricks set has 245pcs in total, equipped with an electric motor that automatically rotates, give you and your kids a joyful and meaningful experience. With lights, music, and rotation, this model looks and feels just like a real one. Adopting a realistic Ferris wheel shape design, select comfortable colors, exercise visual sensory development, and attract children's attention.

🎡Function- Just press the rotation button and the Ferris wheel will start to spin automatically, allowing children to understand how the real Ferris wheel works; Every cabin swings independently, and it can remain horizontal and vertical when rotating; Cool lighting and music functions, better playing at night.

🎡High quality- The product is made of safe and non-toxic ABS material. Kids can play with ease, parents can rest assured.

🎡Great gift - Fantastic building toy for kids aged 6+ and fans of amusement park, good gift for a birthday or any other holiday, Keep kids far away from the screen.

🎡Our Ferris wheel needs 3*AAA batteries and 1* coin cell battery, which are not included in the package due to the limits of the logistics.

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guiying l.
245PCS Girls Ferris Wheel LED Building Blocks Toy

4.0 out of 5 stars

245PCS Girls Ferris Wheel LED Building Blocks Toy

 I and my 3 year old daughter put this together and it truly is cool. I must point out that it definitely requires adult assistance to complete at some point due to the different/various components included. But, the outcome is fun and It has been number one toy for her since then. She loves to spin it (it has both manual or automatic option) when the room is dark. Motor side of the wheel connecting to the leverage could be a little more stronger as when the auto turn is activated, manual touch or turn attempt caused an overturn one time and we applied a small tape to these joints to overcome such situations. Other that this, the item highly recommended.

245PCS Girls Ferris Wheel LED Building Blocks Toy

What a surprise! Very good value lego. Ferris wheels turn, and each one has a light. My son loves it.

245PCS Girls Ferris Wheel LED Building Blocks Toy

Beautiful rotating Ferris. Much bigger than I expected! It’s safe to little kid because every part is big enough. As described, it’s a multinational 3D Ferris comes with music and colorful lights.

245PCS Girls Ferris Wheel LED Building Blocks Toy

Cute medium sized ferry wheel when we put together the legos. It is great for big kids too. Even as adult we enjoyed building together with kids. Shape comes together with different colors. The music and lights are beautiful. I would recommend for kids as it is fun.

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