20 Pieces Kids Camping Set (Local Delivery USA Only)

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A Complete Outdoor Setup!
Easy to set up, this collapsible camping tent comes with all the gear and necessities children need to create a pretend outdoor camp site!
The set features 20 accessories ranging from a battery-powered pretend gas stove & oil lamp with variable intensities to an adjustable pair of binoculars, a pretend utility knife, multifunctional whistle, cooking pan, plates, a shovel and more to be discovered.
Powered by 2 AA batteries, the true-to-life camp stove and oil lantern can fill the tent with light when switched on. An included digital watch also helps kids to keep real time whiles the 4-in-1 survival whistle combines the functions of a flashlight, compass and thermometer, adding a realistic touch.
Suitable for use as a mini play zone, a napping space or a reading nook, this pretends camping kit helps toddlers build a unique interest in outdoor activities and adventure. As parents nurture children's survival and camping skills, this camping set also facilitates deeper bonding.



Interactive & Educational 

20 Camping Accessories 

Realistic Camping Stove & Oil Lamp

Real Digital Watch

Functional Flashlight, Compass & Thermometer 

Easy To Setup

Collapsible & Portable Tent

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I only received 1 of 4 items ordered. I have reached out multiple times to customer serve with no reply. I will never order from this company again.

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