203 PCS Plastic Gear Building Blocks Educational Toys

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🌟CAPTIVATING DESIGNS: Even young children will delight in figuring out how to put the pieces together and attach the gears creatively and independently. The square base pieces interlock easily to form flat or 3D structures. You can even make a gearbox! (Electric main boards and rail car is attached)

🌟CREATE FUN: Create your base, then insert axles and connect gears so that they rotate at the same time. Finally, turn the crank to start a spectacular chain reaction and watch the beautiful visual effects. This construction set provides hours of fun while introducing children to basic principles of mechanics.

🌟LEARN AT PLAY: This simple yet highly educational toy is great to encourage your child’s creative skills, hand-eye coordination, and develop fine motor skills and hand dexterity. Start your child’s artistic development early with the EalingKidsGears.

🌟INTELLIGENT TOYS: These gear blocks are designed for children ages 3 to 12 to encourage reasoning, stimulate creativity and hone physical skills.

Customer Reviews

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emmaya alford
203 PCS Plastic Gear Building Blocks Educational Toys

These are great operations. It's fun to explore the imagination of my 3-year-old grandson. There is no end. Easy to combine. Different shapes allow creativity to flow.

Rochell Weisfogel
203 PCS Plastic Gear Building Blocks Educational Toys

my Grandkids loved it. Very educational and engaging.

203 PCS Plastic Gear Building Blocks Educational Toys

Such a fun toy for young kids

Erica Robinson
203 PCS Plastic Gear Building Blocks Educational Toys

What a fun toy! My son was so excited when this arrived, he opened it up as soon as I got it in the door. There are tons of pieces which I really like because he enjoys making different combinations with the gears and this gives him plenty of pieces to do so. The stickers were quick and easy to add to the gear pieces, he could even do it himself, and he liked being able to choose which sticker designs to put on certain colored gears. The gears turn easily and it’s so cool to watch them all turn together- the top and sides will all spin at the same time! This toy is great for a wide range of ages- my son is 4 and loves it, and after a few minutes of play his big sisters joined in the fun too, they are 7 and 9. The baby was even mesmerized by it, some pieces are small though so definitely wouldn’t let the baby play unsupervised. My oldest says this is similar to something they use in STEAM class at school so I think it’ll be a great resource for virtual learning as well. Overall we love the product and are very happy with the purchase! We may need to buy another set in the future to see what other combinations we can build.

Ryan K.
203 PCS Plastic Gear Building Blocks Educational Toys

These work fine. The only problems I encountered were with the gears. If you have too many tiles with gears assembled together, the magnets on the tiles will push apart I stead of spinning the gears. Also the clips on the bottom of the gears that attach to the tiles break easily.

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