12PCS Baby Sensory Building Silicone Blocks Grasp Toy

SKU: ELT12PC2100775

  • [Classic Baby Building Block Toys] - It is suitable for kids over 3 years old. approximately 5.1*5.1*5.1 cm/ 5*6*5 CM, very suitable for a baby's small hands. Food-grade silicone, BPA-free, safe and non-toxic.
  • [Soft blocks] - These blocks are super soft and easy to squeeze, suitable for children to play with. When you squeeze them, it will squeak, which is the most interesting sound for babies.
  • [High-temperature boiling and teething device]-The soft block is made of natural resin material, does not contain BPA, and is boiled at a high temperature of 100 ℃, without deformation and discoloration. Babies often chew when teething. This is a perfect chewing material.
  • [Unique bath toy] - It can float in the water when squeezed, and then spray water to let your baby play with building blocks in the shower. Let your little baby fall in love with the shower.
  • [Early Education Game] - There are figures, animals, and embossed textures on each side. This is also a matching game. Provide children with endless fun and encourage children to build, balance, count, learn letters and other motor skills.