122 Pcs Marble Run Set Toys

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  • ❀【STEM Toys】:With an easy assembly manual, help kids to think about the track direction, shapes, and assemble it. Develop hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, creativity, color and shape recognition, spatial imagination ability.
  • ❀【Learn Through Play】:Children can build different shapes of marble race tracks according to their own ideas. From novice to intermediate then expert.
  • ❀【Safety】:Marble maze toys were made of high-quality plastic, solid, safety and nontoxic. Smooth edges avoid scratching hands.
  • ❀【Application】:Mable set suitable for a family game, preschool pre-kindergarten toys, birthday, Christmas gifts, party favors, etc. Early learning educational toys for boys girls kids.
  • ❀【Interactive Game】:Marble maze can play with many people at the same time, the whole family playing together is the best gift.
  • Customer Reviews

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    Nadia Fryer
    122 Pcs Marble Run Set Toys

    Very creative toy! My 4 years old is very active and this toy has been a huge help for me when I need about 30 min silence.

    122 Pcs Marble Run Set Toys

    If you'd like to assemble your own marbles and have hours of frustration, this set is for you!

    122 Pcs Marble Run Set Toys

    My kids found marble run on YouTube then they asked me buy it. I bought this one because it is 5 stars review. It has no bad smell and quality is very good. My boys are so excited to build and play. We love it!

    122 Pcs Marble Run Set Toys

    My son was excited to have Marble Run Game Set at home as he told even his school has the same toy. The toy includes building blocks, marbles and an instruction manual. The manual shows more than 4 different structures to build which includes easy, medium, hard and hardest levels. My son was able to build all the 4 levels of structures by carefully following the steps from the manual. The building blocks are sturdy and easy to build. He finds it very interesting and wants to play with it more and more. Right now he is only building structures from the manual but I am sure soon he will try to build him own structures.

    Kelly W
    122 Pcs Marble Run Set Toys

    Kids love this and spend time creating lots of runs for the marbles.

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