12-in-1magnet Science kit Toys STEM Magnetic Science Experiments

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🔑💖Material composition: This contains 21 kinds of plastic accessories. you can create 12 kinds of magnetic science experiments. The experimental examples are magnetic flying saucer, magnetic levitation, magnetic compass, magnetic balance, magnetic spring, magnet racing, magnetic robot, magnetic fishing, magnetic levitation lunar rover, magnetic yacht, anti-gravity attraction,Repulsive force.

🔑💖What is S.T.E.M.? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, which constitutes many of the areas educators look to cover for science-based activities. We are proud to say that his kit has a strong focus on STEM. A great physics STEM kit for young kids to enhance what is learned from physics class.

🔑💖Magnetic Fun: Discover How Invisible Magnetic Fields Work. Each ring is magnetic, with positive and negative poles. Magnetic Match Rings is a fun way to learn about magnetism, help develop visual matching skills and improve eye-hand coordination. Improve children's hands-on assembly ability and observation and analysis ability.

🔑💖Fun STEM Toys: Help children to understand how magnets work! Encourage curiosity and learning through play. Stimulate children's interest in mathematics and art, etc. Cultivate children's scientific exploration spirit.

🔑💖Quality: high-end packaging, good gifts. The packaging box contains all the materials needed for the experiment, and the materials are safe. It contains small balls and small parts. It is suitable for children eight years and older. The best magnetic physics experiment tool for boys and girls.

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Adam V.
12-in-1magnet Science kit Toys STEM Magnetic Science Experiments

This is a nice little set to teach kids about magnetism. My son played with it for a few minutes on Christmas after opening it before getting distracted by another new toy. He was very curious about the compass, so it was a good opportunity to teach him how it works.Unfortunately the horseshoe magnet came broken in the box, so I had to super-glue it back together. Will have to spend more time with it and do some of the experiments.

12-in-1magnet Science kit Toys STEM Magnetic Science Experiments

I got it as a gift for a ten year old and he was very happy about it. His mum was happy too as this kept him busy during cold winter days.

12-in-1magnet Science kit Toys STEM Magnetic Science Experiments

Gave this as a gift for a 8 year old boy. His mom says that he put dune his device & played the entire afternoon with it. They had just finished a magnet unit at school. Highly recommend.

12-in-1magnet Science kit Toys STEM Magnetic Science Experiments

My grandson and his siblings played with this all day on Christmas day. It brought them hours of learning fun.

12-in-1magnet Science kit Toys STEM Magnetic Science Experiments

The horseshoe magnet broke within 5 minutes of the box being opened but I'm otherwise so happy with this purchase. Great addition to our homeschooling classroom! So much fun to explore!

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