Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game Wooden Peg Board Beads Game (Local Delivery USA Only)

108,00 lei

Local Delivery USA Only

A Memorable Memory Game!
A 4-in-1 learning toy, this matching beads jigsaw puzzle and color classification game enhances children????s hands-on abilities and memory!
The set, complete with 5 pattern cards, 1 wooden base, 7 colorful bowls, 2 fishing rods, 70 color beads (10 per color), 10 magnetic fish, 1 clip, spoon and a pair of chopsticks, plays an important role in the development of children's imagination and creativity. The memory chess game cultivates kids???? curiosity as it promotes brain development. The wooden spoon and chopsticks game also exercises grasping and fine motor skills while boosting concentration.
Made of high-quality solid wood, all edges are smoothened for optimum child safety. Lightweight with colorful non-toxic parts, it????s suitable for preschoolers aged 3 and above.
Enhances Color Recognition & Classification
Double-Sided Paper Jams
Stackable Beads
High-Quality Wooden Material
Eco-Friendly Water-Based Paint
Gift Box Packaging