Wood Shape Sorter Cube (Local Delivery USA Only)

102,00 lei

Local Delivery USA Only

Shape The Environment!
With exciting grassland and lakeside paintings this shape sorter lets kids find the missing pieces of nature!
From a hexagonal giraffe head piece to a heart-shaped bee piece, this wooden shape sorter cube includes 13 different geometric shapes for sorting and learning about animals and the environment. Offering a visual, mental and tactile experience to kids, this shape sorting cube enhances problem solving skills, shape and color recognition as well as fine motor skills and dexterity.
With each shape precisely designed to fit through its corresponding hole in the wooden puzzle, kids learn to correctly identify the shapes and exercise their motor skills passing them through the right hole. This improves children????s focus and observational abilities as they fine tune their hand-eye coordination.
Made from high-quality wood with non-toxic paint used, these toys present no choking hazards, with smooth edges on every block for extra protection against injuries. Brightly colored and in chunky sizes, the shapes are easy for toddlers to handle. Ideal