Surprise Bag Traveling Gift Set

252,00 lei
SKU: ELTBAG492111100136


Surprise Bag
This Surprise bag is a perfect way to make your family members get along with each other for traveling. You should take those on your traveling way. Have a great time for traveling, Enjoy it!

WHAT'S INSIDE? 3-4 surprises, packaged with lots of love!
Includes: 3-4 Surprise items

Items that may be included but not limited to:

-Travel Duffel Bag

-cotton Books with Sound

-Toy Storage Basket with Mat

-3 Reusable Ice Packs for kids

-27 PCS Children Outdoor Explorer Set 

-3 PCS Kids Party Gift Package

-Spelling Learning Toys Wooden Alphabet

-Remote Control Car Off-Road Trucks