Spacerall Star Coaster Educational Toys for Kid's STEM Learning

240,00 lei
SKU: ELTGRN2100112

  • STAR COASTER: Here is a ball roller coaster for people who are interested in ultimate building challenges. Create a fast action, wild ride, and conquer this building test for mental agility and fun!
  • YOU CREATE THE RIDE: This ride has high-speed action consisting of wild rotations, daring loop-the-loops, and spectacular swivel motions.
  • WHO IS IT FOR: An ultimate challenge for teenage & adult enthusiasts alike, they are available in different sizes and levels of difficulty. 
  • LET'S PLAY: Mental agility and building games can be a fun stress reliever and can be a great social activity. Have fun with your children or just feel like a kid again and build your own coaster!
  • SCIENCE TOY: Whether you are a budding brainiac or have a Ph.D., this STEM toy presents the challenges you crave. Exercise your mind, learn something new, and feel like a kid while you do it!