Smart Robot Toy with Soft Light Music Cute Robot Toy for Kids

209,00 lei
SKU: ELTWHI2100066

🟥Light and Music: A cute tumbling robot with multiple functions, touch voice control with light and music to attract baby's attention! Soft lighting, not hurt baby's eyes, accompanied by wonderful music, fun styles, cute appearance, can decorate the desktop.(Size: 14.5*9*11CM)

🟧Hand-foot Coordination: At the same time, bring joy to the baby. Barrier-free tumbling, exercise baby's hand, and foot coordination!

🟨Suitable for Birthday Parties: Team game robots, connect people to people during birthday parties and other activities. You can also DIY other gameplay.

🟩Smooth Corners: When the robot is stationary, it will make sound and rollover, making children surprised and like it! Smooth corners, no harm to baby, they will love it.

🟦Multi-person Interaction: How to play:①When two people participate, AB presses the metal piece on one side of the toy with one hand, and the hand of A does not hold the toy continuously taps the other hand of B to form a return circuit, and it can be sent The sound of the note (keep hitting it to make a song).