Puzzle Rotating Fingertip Gyro Egg Toy

86,00 lei
SKU: ELT3PC2100668

  • This product cannot be specified the color, it's a random style. And the package includes 3 egg toys in total.
  • Puzzle building blocks, spinning top, fingertips, and egg toy, decompression, and assembly toys.
  • Material: ABS plastic, strong and durable texture, smooth surface makes the hand feel better, not easy to scratch, play more assured. And it is suitable for kids over three years old.
  • Reduce brain teasers and stress, increase concentration and relieve anxiety, a great idea for a gift to some friend who can't keep their fingers still, great for anyone who loves a brain teaser.
  • How to play: You could assemble it, it has different shapes. And you could make it into a toy in egg shape so that it could be a fingertip rotating Rubic cube
  • Perfect for the whole family to use in family gatherings or family gatherings, keep children away from computer games. This puzzle game is also very suitable for children and adults to intelligently develop toys and pressure relief tools. Very suitable for children to control balance, improve intelligence, learn to build patience, and explore the ultimate victory