Pull and Climb Baby Monkey Toy

32,00 lei
SKU: ELTPNK2100548

  • Baby Fun Toy: The items are suitable for kids over 3-year-old. Pull the string to make the monkey to move forward, the greater the strength, the faster the monkey will move, encouraging your baby to do exercises. A good toy is needed to keep your baby entertained for hours.
  • Strong String: The string is woven with many thin threads for a long time. It is wear-resistant and will not break even if you pull it hard. The rainbow color is attractive to children.
  • Easy to Use: This monkey will climb up quickly with just a simple pull. Fun and amusing.
  • Sound Design: Press the button on the head of the little monkey, and it will make a chattering sound.
  • Promote Kids Interaction: Children can compete to see whose monkey moves faster, helping children grow happily.