Plastic Electric Gears 3D Puzzle Building Kits Educational Toys

470,00 lei
SKU: ELTMIX2100097

🌺VALUT SET – Our 82 pieces gear toy encourages hours of fun, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Each set comes with interlocking blocks, gears of varying sizes, swing set, see-saw, merry-go-round, figurines, and more! A motorized spinning gear inspires creativity, imagination, and ​the learning of engineering skills for children at a young age.

🌺CREATIVE FREEDOM – The colorful jigsaw puzzle construction toy creates a fun atmosphere of strategic thinking, stimulates your child’s brain, and develops important problem-solving logic, and motor skills. There is no wrong way to build the set! Allow your child the creative freedom to piece together countless variations day after day.

🌺EDUCATION – Krazy Gears is not only a great learning tool that encourages learning of mechanics and engineering, but it is also an innovative toy set with 6 different colors to help children focus their learning on colors, matching, sorting, and identifying. Inspire early child development while using imagination and critical thinking to create hours of fun.