Monkey Balance Counting Toys 82 Piece (Local Delivery USA Only)

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Local Delivery USA Only

Balancing Fun and Learning!
Ingeniously crafted and accurately weighted, each number piece in this counting toy set matches the weight of that same number of monkeys combined!
Easy to assemble and learn, kids have to match the number of monkeys on one side of the scale to the colorful corresponding digit. This teaches kids basic counting and arithmetic skills and enhances knowledge retention.
The 82-piece play set includes 19 brown monkeys, 19 pink monkeys, 1 balance scale, 1 base and 2 scale pans, plus 1-10 numbers and 30 double-sided cards for a complete learn-and-play suit. Suitable for kids ages 3 and up, these balance counting toys are made of non-toxic and tasteless ABS carefully crafted with no sharp edges for maximum child safety.
Stimulating children's curiosity and interest in weight and balance, this intriguing playset encourages learning, improves memory and helps develop fine motor skills in the process.
Simple Game Setup
Colorful Design & Graphics
High-Quality ABS Material
Non-Toxic & Child-Friendly
Easy To Assemble & Store