Mini Basketball Hoop Toy (Local Delivery USA Only)

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SKU: X002JL6Z49

Local Delivery USA Only

Little Slam Dunks & 3-Pointers!
This basketball hoop toy features a sturdy backboard, solid base, irons, a ball pump and a basketball for kids to practice their shots!
Sized for kids and easy to transport and install, its height can also be adjusted with simple buttons to suit kids of different ages.
Built to last, it????s made of a thick plastic base, sturdy metal stand, strong backboard and a resilient hoop with reliable mesh rope. For extra stability, the base can be filled with water or sand.
As kids have fun playing basketball, this hoop toy helps build up their ability to run, jump and throw while improving their balance and accuracy.
Engaging & Interactive
Sturdy Structure
Durable Materials
Encourages Exercise & Fitness
Nurtures Athletic Potential
Easy To Transport & Install