Girls Bracelet Ring Making Machine

152,00 lei
SKU: ELTPNK2100829

💎Made of plastic material, safe and secure.
💎Can exercise the child's practical ability and cognition of objects.
💎Includes color ring 10 colors each 20 + bracelet lock*4 + small jewelry lock*4 + necklace lock*4 + small jewelry*2.
💎Your child will use their imagination to create hours of fun games. Makes a great gift for little girls or toddlers.
💎Breaking tradition, without threading. Put the ring on the chain link display window, you can manually rotate to select different chain colors, press the button, you can chain different color chain strips, and make creative small toys.

Recommended Age: 3+years old
Material: ABS
Size: 29*12.6*22 cm

Package includes:
1 set*house play toys