Double Lacrosse Peanut Massage Ball for Kids

94,00 lei
SKU: ELTBLU2100092

  • With the double Lacrosse massage balls, you can massage reflexogenic zones, connective tissue, trigger points, and muscles before and after exercising. Adapt perfectly to different body regions.
  • Reduces inflammation, stiffness, and soreness, Relieves muscle tension, increases mobility and recovery through self-myofascial release, Can be used on any muscle group, as well as on the feet to relieve symptoms of plantar fasciitis.
  • Useful for fitness, yoga, and many other sport, the double massage balls can be used to increase flexibility and range of motion before workouts. Also helpful for relaxing tense and sore muscles following intense activities.
  • The High-Quality Material TPR Rubber of the twin balls is non-slip and abrasion-resistant, skin-friendly, odorless, and free from harmful substances. Its surface is soft, the overall hardness is a moderate, professional massage tool.
  • Perfect Design For Comprehensive Massage.This split peanut-shaped massage ball is a perfect design to get to those hard-to-reach stabilizing muscles that surround your spine and vertebrae without applying pressure on them as you lay on it.