Desktop Game Tickle Me Feet Entertain Multiple Player Family Funny Game

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  • Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 10.5cm x 27cm x 31cm
  • Material: plastic
  • 【Features】:

    ♦ Multi-functional integration in one, inspire children's interest in playing

    ♦ Brilliant colors can attract children's attention very well

    ♦ The surface of the product is smooth and free of burrs, and will not scratch children's hands

    ♦ Suitable for children over 18 months to play

    ♦ Cultivate children's manual and brain skills, help children's intellectual development and interaction skills, etc.

    How to play:

    1: Turn the dial, whoever turns to the crab first will lock their feet in the crab claws, and the player who turns to the feathers will use the feathers to scratch the feet of the people locked in the crab claws.

    2: Next, turn the timer under the crab claws clockwise, which are gear 1, gear 2, and gear 3. The gear positions represent the length of time. The longer the hold time, the more gold coins you get (1 gear = 1 gold coin)

    3: Take the feather toy and start to get the feathers to scratch the feet locked in the crab claws.

    If the tortured person can hold back a smile within the set time and persevere, he will win and get the corresponding gold coins.

    If you laugh while being tortured, you won't be able to get the gold coins, and the gold coins will go to the player holding the feather.

    Whoever gets 5 gold coins first is the winner!

    Note: When the timer stops, the crab claws will pop open automatically.